Project Profiles

Indoor Air Quality

  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT, WYOMING STATE CAPITAL BUILDING: To facilitate planning of HVAC upgrades, we performed an assessment of this historic centerpiece building for asbestos, lead paint, radon and NAAQS parameters.
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENT FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS:  Several IAQ assessments for various agents in response to complaints and workers compensation claims have been performed for Poudre, Weld, Thompson, Laramie County #1, Laramie County #2, and other school districts.
  • BASELINE IAQ SURVEY, NIOSH DENVER OFFICES:  NIOSH, a Federal agency that performed IAQ research, guidelines, and investigations of significant indoor air quality problems, wanted a third party to perform a comprehensive IAQ evaluation of their own offices, brought us in to do the work, and accepted our recommendations.


Industrial Hygiene

  • CONCRETE BATCH PLANTS:  We have conducted exposure assessment for silica, dust, and noise on several batch plants as well as cement factories.
  • NIOSH RESEARCH CONTRACT:  We performed IH testing in residential construction under contract to NIOSH, the results of which were published in the ACGIH journal.
  • POWER PLANT OVERHAUL IH MONITORING:  Monitoring for silica, dust, arsenic, welding fumes, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, lead, and carbon monoxide for 300 welders and other trades 24/7, over 10 week periods, on four major overhauls.


Lead Testing

  • XRF SCREENING FOR TCLP:  Use of XRF to do range finding of lead levels in large buildings to ensure that TCLP samples were valid, e.g. an 800,000 ft2 building complex of Eastman Kodak Company.
  • FE WARREN HISTORIC HOUSING LEAD ABATEMENT:  Century performed collection and analysis of over 10,000 air, wipe and soil samples to scope out the abatement, approve cleaning and completion of the project, and verify OSHA compliance.  During this project, we validated the XRF screening of wipes, increasing abatement throughput from 50% to over 90%.
  • RESIDENTIAL AND CHILD-OCCUPIED FACILITIES:  Dozens of houses at Rocky Mountain National Park, Arapaho-Roosevelt, Bighorn and Shoshoni National Forests tested.


Mold & Biological Testing

  • BUCKLEY AIR FORCE BASE:  We inspected the common walls in 80 newly-built homes that were impacted by heavy rain, noting areas of mold damage, overseeing cleanup, and saving the homes from extensive demolition.
  • NEW HOSPITAL:  We developed SOPs for testing and remediation in a new hospital with window problems throughout the building, using state of the art methods, and avoiding nosocomical infections and health claims throughout the process.
  • COUNTY BUILDING, RAWLINS WYOMING:  We performed assessment of a black water situation that impacted homicide records, and oversaw remediation, which if not completed properly could have resulted in mistrial.



  • OVERSIGHT OF BYRON ROGERS COURTHOUSE ABATEMENT:  We provided up to 3 on-site IH's for 10 hour work shifts, six days per week, over a year-long $6 million abatement, the largest abatement project in Colorado that year.
  • EASTMAN KODAK, WINDSOR:  We inspected over 1 million square feet of the building, wrote bid packages, and oversaw all asbestos work in four large buildings, including inventory of PCBs, mercury, lead, and radiological regulated materials.
  • DENVER FEDERAL CENTER, INFRASTRUCTURE:  We provided ~5,000 man hours of inspection during this year-round project, winter, spring, summer and fall throughout the grounds of the 670 acre site.


Methamphetamine Lab Testing

  • REGULATION CONSULTANT:  As consultant to the state of Wyoming, Century wrote the draft of testing and cleanup regulations for the state program office (Department of Homeland Security).
  • PRINCIPLE AREA CONSULTANT TO FANNIE MAE ON FORECLOSURES:  We have tested dozens of foreclosed meth labs for Fannie Mae, as well as conducting asbestos, lead paint, mold or other testing upon request.
  • METH, ASBESTOS AND LEAD TESTING OF A LARGE APARTMENT BUILDING:  We were the court appointed consultant to test 34 units in one building, out of which 33 contained meth residues.  We also performed comprehensive asbestos and lead paint testing, wrote bid packages, and assisted with obtaining remediation bids.