Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services

"Century has excelled in responsiveness and a high level of knowledge

whenever we have an indoor air quality issue,

and I would recommend them to others when problems arise."

-Bev Perina

Armadillo Property Management

We have assisted with situations that range the full gamut from nuisance complaints to full building evacuations. Using the best technology available, it is sometimes possible to simply rule out the more common potential contributors to IAQ discomfort, or to detect a chemical or cause of an actual issue. These assessments can incorporate a variety of levels or types of elements as described below.

Assessment of buildings for IAQ issues and sources of complaints

Questionnaires addressing occupant complaints

Interviews of affected employees, managers, and facilities managers

Walk-through assessments

Sampling for IAQ parameters

Sampling of dusts (inhalable, PM2.5, PM10, respirable, or direct-reading)

Sampling of chemicals (specific compounds or Summa canister scans)

Sampling for biological materials (airborne or surfaces, mold, bacteria, or other agents)

LEEDS testing

Physical Stressor evaluations

Thermal and dampness surveys

Ergonomics evaluations

Noise and vibration

HVAC Evaluations

Condition and maintenance

Airflow characteristics

Tracer gas studies


Representative Clients

Laramie County School District #1

Poudre School District

General Services Administration

Federal Occupational Health


Bureau of Land Management