Company Profile

Founder and Manager

James E. Dennison, M.S., Ph.D, CIH

  • Environmental Consultant since 1984
  • Ph.D. in Toxicology (Environmental Health), Colorado State University
  • M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Past chair, AIHA Biological Monitoring Committee
  • Expert Witness- asbestos, mold, methamphetamine cases
  • Primary Drafter- Wyoming Methamphetamine Testing & Cleanup Regulations
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences Subcommittee on Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Author of 15+peer-reviewed papers and 5 book chapters
  • Awards from AIHA, SOT, CSU
  • Member, AIHA Indoor Environment Committee
  • Member, SOT Risk Assessment, Occupational Health Specialty Sections
  • Peer reviewer of publications such as SMACNA’s IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction and The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management (AIHA White Book), 2 Edition, Chapter 16, “Biological Monitoring”
  • Manager of up to 100 staff members
  • Presented numerous papers at national IH and Toxicology conferences


Corporate Philosophy

Century and AWET are dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective solutions to the myriad of environmental concerns faced by industry, government agencies, individuals, homeowners, property managers, contractors, facility managers, and others. What is unique about Century and AWET is our approach, through our commitment to keeping a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, which seeks to stay on the cutting edge of evolving issues. Our practice uses the best new technologies in environmental assessment, incorporating new models, ideas, and information as well as new approaches, some of which we developed, tested, or published. Only through innovative thinking can we offer the optimum accuracy and cost-effectiveness in environmental assessment.