Asbestos Consulting Services

"We have completed numerous successful projects of all size with Century and AWET.

Century and AWET work cooperatively with all members of a project team

so that  the work is executed in a safe, cost effective manner."

- Steven Morrow

President, Risk Removal LLC

(Asbestos, lead, meth & mold abatement contractor)

Building Inspections

  • Real estate transfers
  • Remodel/renovations
  • AHERA Management Plans
  • Demolition or other purposes

What has to be tested, and how, varies with the scope of the project. We are thoroughly familiar with all regulations and interpretations thereof to classify materials properly, to make sure abatement is sufficient but not excessive.


Our inspections are quite incisive and we are known for excellent timeliness and accuracy. For example, a recent inspection that resulted in a large abatement project (over $1 million) was accompanied by only 0.3% in change orders for additional material. CAD drawings are available when needed.


Bid Scope of Work and Project Design Services

A clear scope of work makes it clear to abatement companies what they are bidding on. This protects the owner from paying the costs when contractors make conservative assumptions regarding ambiguous project specifications, and reduces contractor’s risk when ambiguous locations and quantities are communicated. End result: fewer bad jobs, fewer change orders, more on-time and on-budget completions.


Abatement Oversight and Air Monitoring

We have overseen some of the smallest and largest projects that occur in this region of the country, always with consistent procedures and a team approach to project completion and safety. Depending on contractor performance, our intent is to see the project finish on-time or ahead of schedule and with minimum intrusion into on-going operations. Thus, we have been selected to handle many sensitive and time-critical projects. With heavy reliance on PCM analysis as a measure of completion and safety, our commitment to accuracy with in-house analysis is critical. Unlike many, our QC program is “true blind” meaning the analyst does not have access to the first test result when performing duplicate analysis. Yet, see the Quality Control graph below—our QC statistic is well under what NIOSH suggests in the method and reportedly less than some AIHA accredited labs!

Emergency Response

Asbestos emergencies do, and will, occur. We are there to help confine and define the problem and to make rapid steps towards putting everything right. We can respond to a site, conduct on-site analysis to determine whether there is a problem, and where the problems lies, so that immediate action can be taken. We have responded to fires, floods, spills, and “you name it” or “oops” situations in numerous sensitive locations.


Material Sampling and Inspections performed pre-renovation / demolition, purchase / sale, or to plan abatement projects.

Management Programs include a balance of in-place management programs and abatement (removal) of materials to avoid unnecessary cost and disturbance of materials.

Representative Clients

Colorado State University

University of Wyoming

Eastman Kodak Company

PacifiCorp (power plant company)

General Services Administration (GSA)

Federal Occupational Health (FOH)

State of Colorado

State of Wyoming


For more information about asbestos and its effects please see The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center